so here’s a little rant

i’ve been having some major doubts about uni. for some of you who don’t know me that well… probably most of you. i’ve already been to uni and i left because the area was awful to live in, there was no social life and the course was an absolute drag. my friends, at the time, were the only people keeping me there (god bless their souls). 

so i had a dilemma, and applied for jobs and i thought i’d try uni once more. i didn’t get any job offers, but all my uni offers gave me places, so i thought, clearly it was just where i was last time that wasn’t for me.

i absolutely love living away from home, i come from a tiny town near wales. its incredibly backwards and just dull in general. i love the lifestyle i have and the friends i’ve made here are unreal… but there’s just one thing.

i hate my course AGAIN!

its different from the other course, not a lot, but a lot broader than what i did. and i just seem to be in the same cycle, nothing is gripping my interest. i’m so torn on what to do, i’ve lost all motivation through 2014 and i just want to leave the course but continue living in nottingham. its a lot easier than it sounds. i have a house already down with my friends and my parents are basically getting me set for moving in, in august. yet i’m literally petrified at the thought of telling them how i’m feeling about uni.

now comes the question, what the fuck do i want to do?!

i actually don’t know myself. i thought it was in media, but i’m having doubts there, i just can’t seem to settle. but being on a course you’re kinda expected to since its something you’re looking at making into your career. 

i know this is all so long winded, but i really need some advice. i completely adore nottingham and moving back home is a pretty depressing thought.

what the actual fuck do i do?!

so i’ve started this aha