이틀 연속 촬영. 바빠서 다행이었다, 생각할 시간 조차 없어서. 폭풍 촬영이 끝나니 폭풍 먹방이다. 뭔가 허-한 기분이다.
Going back curly 🙈

alt-j’s new album is so beautiful

less than a megabyte of internet reaching my room

the struggle is fucking real



i went to gay pride earlier this year. my friend roped me into going and in the end all of my mates came along. on our last night, i was talking to a guy in the smoking area and i saw my other guy friend sat down on his own, he looked fine, so i let him be. all of my other friends were inside so it was just us two outside

a guy sits next to him and starts talking to him, bearing in mind my friend has a boyfriend.

to cut shit out, i basically watched him get off with this guy, thinking he’d pull away (he didn’t), so i intervened. my friend just got up without saying a word, literally no emotion and just walked off

he then apparently said to my friends that he hopes i don’t go running to his bf about what i’d seen and that i shouldn’t ‘shit stir’. the girls were adamant if the guy had come onto him, he’d not done anything wrong. 

knowing what i’d seen, (i can still picture it perfectly), my friend had no intention of pulling away

of course i confided in my friends over it and basically he denied everything to his boyfriend… now i know what you’re thinking, why haven’t i said anything

because nobody else saw it happen, the girls can’t back me up. they all believe he’s cheated, but they have no grounds to stand on if anything was brought up

i confronted him over it and he just said i was seeing things and that he’d pulled away

i’ve always said, i’d never want to wish hurt in a relationship, so why am i so adamant that there was no intention of my friend pulling away

its now months and i still despise this guy, i’m living with him and i just can’t stick him, he makes my skin crawl

i just believe him to be one of the most disgusting human beings i know and i have to be civil towards him because he’s the friendship group

i really don’t know what to do, i know there’s not a lot. but he literally makes me want to punch him, he’s got things so perfect, yet he acts like a total ass

i really need some help and hopefully some answers from you guys